Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama's Campaign Lawyer Files Suit Against Clinton's 527

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American Losership Committee.
Great!  We thought the invasive Wright Mainstream BS circus could be quieted and that maybe the soapification of this horribly distended primary process might quiet down so that voters could think straight.  No such luck: they'll probably have a field day with this and, if anything, turn up the volume on the non-news - "they" being the usual fatuous blowhards - Gregory, Scarborough, Matthews, and the increasingly marginal (but still maximally fatuous) jerks on Fox News and that fat druggy clown on the radio.
The campaign lawyer, Bauer, appears to have a complaint that would have merit in a court of law, but this will probably be decided in a court of press blather.
I think there are issues of more moment than this endless primary run.  What do you think? 

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's pissing rain and

It feels like the tears of the gods. I'm listening to the father of Jeff Frawley, Mr. Ed Frawley, who made the YouTube video about what his kid and our kids come home to at Fort Bragg: Disgusting barracks, dangerous living conditions, and a new barracks "being built," maybe in our lifetime!  This is just another example of the blatant disregard of the soldiers of whom all four estates deny us any knowledge.  Where are all of the great patriots when it comes to doing our national duty? For example, taking care of our vets? I really, really want to see the screaming right wing chicken-hawks put up their cash dollars and pricey-gym warrior physiques and get on the front lines in their war on just about everything. Put the money where the Big Pie Hole is. It's the 'merican way!  Or if you really aren't as rich as a small minority of Republicans, take your prowar group and show up at Ft Bragg with baskets of golden fried chicken (in your honor) and other goodies; while they are basking in your Christian good will, tell them, "No no boys; you fought for our freedoms and maybe now we owe you something." Then get out the brooms and mops and do something for these guys for crap's sake. OK,  you don't want to give up your precious tax breaks? Then work for it. Like we ALL do, one way or the other. I think a good Christian would not only give up his hard-won tax breaks, but make a pilgrimage to Ft Bragg or the many other bases or hospitals in the area, stop watching TV, and do something.

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Caveat Emptor

"And the credit card era was a help to delay the pain and the shame of being poor in America," she writes.  Brilliant! - And brilliantly couched!
Just to eat and "put food on their family" (also shelter), people are living beyond their crappy paychecks, even when they're destroying themselves being "uniquely [North] American" and holding down three jobs.
Then the banks mail promises of Pre-Approved Credit Cards up to $400!!!!  For any reason!  Sometimes there's even a facsimile credit card right there in the envelope, so you can get the feel of the thing.  Power like a handgun.
The radio ads that dominate the blowhard blather shows on the car radio when people are just listening for a traffic report to explain this f**king traffic jam they're in shout the gospel of Unprecedented Low Interest Rates so they can buy (or refinance) that home.  Sure you can afford it.  Don't you owe it to your kids to live in a Nice Neighborhood with Good Schools?
Then when the shit hits the fan, it's your fault.  The good ol' folksy "President" explains that you selfishly borrowed into a property you couldn't afford, and you'll just have to pay the price for that.
The national debt is up to 9,337, 965, 396, 997 dollars - I'm not even sure how to say that in words.  515 billion dollars of that has gone to ill-considered, murderous and self-destructive military adventures in the Middle East.
Who's gonna have to pay the price for this?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Post

For an example of the stuff I want to see or hear:
I have worked since I was thirteen years old. 99% of that time I have been an honest, reliable, hard working person. 
About the age of thirteen, I stole a mini skirt from a small boutique in Florida and was caught at the door by the screaming owner. She raced me back to the dressing room by the scruff of my shirt. She yelled, "Thief! Thief!" all the way to the back of the store. She finally let me go, heeding my desperate pleas  after threatening first to call the police, then to calling my parents; then, I guess she felt tired of the whole thing and let me go. I can't remember why she let me go but I never stole again. 
No, not in the sense of the real-deal shoplifting, that is unless perhaps you call Goodwill-clothes-dumpster-diving stealing, which my younger sister and I did first as a dare, and then we did it when we were in need of something, anything to spike up our meager wardrobe. We were quite poor at that time, and we would just jump in the boxes with a flashlight. (Easy to get into but not to get back out) . The justification was this: we needed clothes, and the rumor was that probably all the good stuff would be picked over before they went to the Goodwill shop. And if you went to the Goodwill store in 1969-70, you would believe the rumor. Now people throw away a lot of good stuff, so the Goodwill stores are teeming with decent wearable clothing. Why is that? Why do people throw away so many good clothes now? My guess is that now people have more ready money.  Or at least they think so. Credit cards evened out the discrepancy between rich and poor somewhat. I'm afraid to go back to poverty, which I'm sure many of the baby boomers run from. And the credit card era was a help to delay the pain and the shame of being poor in America.  Peace. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Come into my parlor! Please read my plea at the top of my blog. I want to get us all to vent our frustrations at the heavy load we all carry today. Two jobs, no money, debt, debt, debt! War and disempowerment, no healthcare etc. How have we been coping? Thanks for your contributions!