Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Open Wider" music

See the post from Feb 20 2:51 am.
Grooveshark is up again, so - put on your headphones if you have to - now you can hear the tune.

Did the bamboo and baskets calm the beast? Or maybe pandanip?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bummer - Grooveshark is down

I meant to link the previous post to the audio music. But when I went to retrieve it at this site, I got this message:

To those of you who were redirected here, we apologize.

In an attempt to befriend Asian investors and increase office morale, we here at Grooveshark established some connections with the Chinese black market and imported our very own black-and-white Giant Panda (hereby known as "Pickles"). Unfortunately, due to circumstances no one could have foreseen, Pickles became agitated at the fluorescent lights and near-constant belly rubs and began clawing at our computers.

Pickles is currently thrashing about in the server room, causing the technical difficulties and temporary outage you just experienced. As soon as our interns return from Pier 1 with synthetic bamboo, a picnic basket and an oversized net, we will be able to return the servers back to normal and, if we can, rescue the coder that Pickles has taken as a prize.

Thank you for your patience.

"Open Wider"

"Open Wider"
Music: Flannery and Bird York

Like a mantaray gliding serene through strange farmland,
Newly runaway, I got away clean in your car,
In your hands.
Sliding the warm black tongue highway,
Your hands there, so smooth, between between my legs
The cornfields sigh with freedom
Feel the world open wider
(turning me inside out)
See the trees, wild in the breeze, dancing insane
Quiet older guy
Driving us deep into nowhere
I'm soldered to your side
While stuttering stars, spit and strewn, wink and stare
The wind whips so wildly
From our speed,
Stirring such a frenzy deep in me
My heart becomes unbolted
Feel the world open wider
(turning me inside out)
See the trees, wild in the breeze, dancing insane
Fifteen year old, love hungry girl,
A flower, in the fist of the world
Flying in a fat blue car
Eyes wide, fresh heart
Feel the world open wider
(turning me inside out)
See the trees, wild in the breeze, dancing insane, dancing insane
- Bird York (John Flannery wrote the music I think) from The Velvet Hour

Spring will come: Long-awaited initiation ceremony ("turning me inside out") arrives ambiguous -- at once dark-scary and fresh-liberating - "The cornfields sigh with freedom."

May it ever be a little bit scary and a lot bit liberating - "dancing insane" - like a carnival ride for you.

Let's go again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Corporate News

Not long ago I was debating someone on television. I thought the discussion was going well until the commercial break when a producer said into my earpiece "be angrier."

"Why should I be angrier?" I asked him, irritated that he hadn't appreciated the thoughtfulness of debate.

"That's how we get channel surfers to stop and watch the program," the producer explained. "Eyeballs are attracted to anger."

At this point I lost my temper.

- Robert Reich, "A Thought on Evan Bayh and Partisan America" Huffington Post 16 Feb 2010.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paper Democracy

I am on your side 'til we win this fight:

- 'Til we get there.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Seen at a Teabag Rally

Here are some signs, but not all of them. There were some other signs that were just absurd.