Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hopeful News

Of the four stories in today's RealNews, this is one of two hopeful pieces (the other one is about President Michelle Bachelet banning whaling from Chilean waters):

For (often selective) information, many - perhaps most - voters rely on television, whose programming is sustained (even Public Broadcasting) by interested corporate Under Writers.

I sustain RealNews - I, along with a whole bunch of other people who make little donations occasionally. Not that I completely suspend disbelief, but I don't feel as if fast hands are disclosing Miraculous Truth from somewhere, as I feel sometimes watching news on my actual TV set - the recognition that this is just another huckster's sales pitch.

But maybe we hear only what we already suspect.

On the other hand, perhaps you saw Jon Stewart interview LARA LOGAN:

She may (clearly) have a pitch too, but she seems to be a departure from rules set for embedded journalists in the past seventeen years of my lifetime.

I hardly ever turn on my TV set these days, except to watch the Red Sox or as a monitor for my DVD player.

Oh - the Sunday morning Gasbags are entertaining sometimes, like the Big Time Wrestling stuff we'd watch when we were in sixth grade.

And now this.

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Alice said...

Woo Hoo!!

Big Time Wrestling!!

I LOVED that show!!

..Pat Patterson comes to mind... :)

My Nona (great-grandma) who was from Durango Mexico and prayed in Italian and Spanish like hours and hours a day, EVERY DAY... LOVED Big Time Wrestling...when she stayed at our house it was on...

Good times, good times... ;)

Thanks for bringing it up...

I didn't know at all about Chile and whaling..thanks for the heads up...