Monday, December 29, 2008

After Winter Solstice at the Tropic of Cancer

Todos Santos

A cock crows at dawn.
And then the dog crows.
A few other dogs join in.
The human mutters, resettles
in the bed, and drifts back
toward that dreaming quest--
fitfully; Soon a pickup truck rumbles
up the battered dirtsand roadhills.  By and by
other trucks answer the cantor of the Holy
Muffler Choir.  The human's questing dreams
redirect toward potty and coffee.
A silence.
A distant cock crows.
The human restless resettles and listens
again for the song of Morpheus.  Gets
another burst from the pickup cantor instead.
footsoles on cool stone clay tiles carry the waking
human another day.


Doug said...

"the cantor of the Holy
Muffler Choir."

Nice, Arch!!

-- Doug

ellwort said...

Thanks mucho! Thanks for reading that far and all. I have actual photographs of la casa nueva en Mexico, which I'll probably inflict on you by and by.