Monday, February 16, 2009

My Love

My Love

I feel you

Like I felt you

Over time when I called you

And I searched for your face

In all of the small towns

And wondered what it would be like

If we passed each other on the street

I feel you now

Is it you? Is it?

My spine tingles

My sleep is fitful

As I reach for you, but you aren’t there

I wake smiling and the dream

Dances on through my day


Alice said...

That one got me right here ♥. So pretty. Reminds me of when P and I met. I would look into his eyes and see me, of all things....I said crazy stuff to my mum at the time, like "Seriously! You won't be able to tell us apart when you meet him"

I'm teetering on madness and bliss today...rampage and 'it will all be fine in the end" -ness

I hope I end up tottering to the latter..

AND I'm happy to know you two to go through it all with and word-near...

ellwort said...

T -
Baby! You know I'm crazy about you. You drive me wild. Can't wait to get home tonight.
Wait'll I get my hands on you!
I love you

ellwort said...

I keep coming back to read this. You really really make me happy and I love you all the time everywhere. I love the way you rest in my heart.