Monday, May 31, 2010

De Mockery

Like this is a big surprise?

It's hard to seem sincere when I urge the people who attend my downtown community college classes how important it is that they keep voting - despite the patent bs that has continuously manipulated "the democratic process" in US elections for the past thirty years. The US is the last battle in Big Banana's imperial War on Democracy in America.
The South and Central regions should be understood to have as valid a claim as the US does to the name America. And let's look at democracy at work in the US protectorates in the recent so-called elections in Mexico, possibly the US in 2008 (look at the still lingering policymakers), and now - again - Colombia:

"A former defense minister who would continue President Álvaro Uribe's tough anti-guerrilla policies handily defeated a former Bogota mayor Sunday in the first round of presidential elections. Juan Manuel Santos, 58, who oversaw the most decisive strikes against rebel forces, did not garner the simple majority needed to win outright. But his lead over the second-place finisher, Antanas Mockus, was so commanding that he is likely to win the presidency in a second round of voting on June 20."

Welcome to Plan Bananaland.

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