Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rogue State

Lumpinprollie has been wondering for a couple of years why other world nations don't come to a consensus that the US is a rogue nation and whether they might collaborate to contain the US by force.  The US must look terrifying from the outside, and by the Bush administration's standards the good old US of A's arsenal (including fully developed WMDs) and international belligerence (preemptive strike = invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation, as we now see) qualifies us as a rogue state.  I use the word "terrifying" deliberately, for Noam Chomsky concurs with LP's premises in the context of terrorism (thanks Alice):  

"I use the U.S. governmenrt's official definition of terrorism from the official U.S. code of laws. If you use that definition, it follows very quickly that the U.S. is the leading terrorist state and a major sponsor of terrorism and since that condlusion is unacceptable, it arouses furious anger. But the problem lies in the unwillingness to recognize your own terrorism as terrorism."

Although US practice of brandishing and too often firing guns around is diplomatically flawed, perhaps an international force will come and liberate the people of the United States. 
Gather rose petals.


Alice said...

Enchanted late night to you both who are probably asleep - while I am being stubborn and not wanting to go to sleep as that would make me a sell-out.. (HAHA..I'm kidding)

I happen to look to the right of the screen just now while reading your post and saw the link for common dreams..

I heard on DN this morning that a co founder of common dreams died of non hodgkins lymphoma..she was young too..that's what P's mother has been dealing with for a lot of years now. It's recently reappeared in tumor form behind her eye.

I'm not very close with her. Not like I would be if P and I had had a child together I guess...our experiences (his mother and I) amount to less than cordial (but not much less) words about conservative and liberal jibberish..

I have an adoptive mother and a birth mother whom I found and met in 1999. My adoptive mother and I talk about the weather..(at our best...)

My birth mother and I talk and laugh to the point of excluding the physical world surrounding us...I feel sort of bad about that sometimes...

I was named Alice Jane when I was born...and ODDLY my birth and my adoptive grandmother's names were Alice.

Whoa...I haven't felt like talking like that in some time...

I've been having the best dreams lately still...I did not want to wake up this morning...


(sorry for ramblin)

ellwort said...

* sorry for ramblin *
Glad you do "ramble" here, Alice; in fact, at the top of blogpage one, that's what she invites people to do : "I want to hear from you - I want to know how you get by! . . . . This is a forum of ideas . . . , I want to hear what you have to do just to keep afloat . . . ."

My experience is that antipathy between a boy's mother and his proclaimed lover (a clumsy phrase trying to dance away from "wife") is sharper even than the cliched husband/m.i.l. antipathy, and that the hostility often originates from the mother-in-law. Reverse Oedipus stuff maybe? The physical discomfort she's in may aggravate her disagreeability. The remembered agony of a growing tumor behind the eye still grips me now, fifteen years later.

Good for you for holding firm to your convictions against the wind of that hostility. Oh yeah - you're a Scorpio.

The stuff about your relationships between you and your birth mother and you and your adoptive mother is fascinating. Pderhaps Teresa will take up that topic here or elsewhere: her (only) mother was adopted in an interesting way, and T's sister found her sweet biological daughter after having had to give her up to adoption years earlier.

Weird about the name thing. A name is powerful: do you feel as if your identity's been hijacked?

Alice said...

It's Wed the 6th -

You seemed somewhat 'in a mood' last night on the Blog... hope all's well with you today...

Adoption stories are cool, I think...I'd love to read about T's families experiences...

I don't feel name-hijacked..I'm a good sharer...

Today is one of those days I have to pretend I'm a kid playing library and I have all this cool stuff to use for my order to enjoy this job now...some days are more fun than others here...depends who I'm working with...

Back to my 15 minute break..

Love Love Love