Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ruff Tuff Cream Puff* - McSame and Buffy Chip

*(With apologies to R Crumb for the title)

Hearing of the visit to Sturgis by McCain and wifey, I became somewhat intrigued as to what the Republican Presidential candidate was trying to prove by going there. Misogyny? Anti Establishment? Curiosity? Does he have a bike? Did he and "Buffy" stay for the week to get the full measure of orgiastic fun and games that only a dictator of the free world could appreciate? All of that could be a motive, definitely the misogynistic piece. Slowly as Saturday became Sunday morning, I let the thoughts go to dream world for some possible reorganization, and eventually it dawned on me that he was an old old man, trying to show that he was the tough guy. He might be thinking you won't see Obama showing up in a tough guy place like this and even offering up a compliant wife to a mud wrestle or wet tee shirt contest- or worse. Yes grandpa showed up sans blackhawk helicopters and special ops guys, but he surely has a team of secret service bodyguards all around and was therefore able to stand on the stage with his tiny tiny wife and taunt the sweaty masses with the prospect of seeing his wife demeaned and used. Well no you wouldn't see Obama there with his beautiful wife with or without the secret service. I can't imagine any presidential candidate showing up there for a photo op. Take a look at what goes on there. I'll leave it at that.


Alice said...

Happy Thursday T&A!

T-minus 20 minutes til I'm in a staff meeting after being on vacation for 5 days...bleh...


ellwort said...

Ruff Tuff Daddy:

ellwort said...

An example of the classy-witted folks whose votes Napalm John solicits:

Maybe this banner was directed at Johnny boy?

Oh, and -

Is that Cindy?

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